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Ray F. HasBrouck

Engines without Castings


Village press has just announced a book containing all 10 of Rays engine designs. The book contains every drawing included in the full size plans, but a few of the images have been slightly scaled down to fit a book size page. Many of the parts are still drawn at full size, just as Ray drew them. Theese pages use exact copies of Rays original drawings, not new CAD or illustrator work.

See Village Press for full details on ordering the book.

Ray HasBrouck designed and built small steam engines and models for many years. He was interested in steam all his life, starting as an Engineer aboard a WWII Liberty Ship. He was always happy to share his knowledge of steam with others, as he was doing in the photo above in the engine room of the Liberty Ship JOHN W BROWN

Ray has designed several small engines, some as models, others suitable for powering small steam launches. His designs are notable in that they can be built without castings. This often puts a design in reach of the amateur machinist that does not have casting facilities.

Sadly, Ray passed away in December of 2009, but he made provisions in his will to insure the plans would still be available.

There is a Yahoo Group devoted to builders of Rays engines. This group is a great way to exchange information with other builders of Rays engines, and see photos of finished engines. See HasBrouck Engines

Engine Number 10
This is an engine suitable for a small steamboat.